Cesky Krumlov

1 Day in a Czech Fairytale

Staying in Prague and want to explore more of the Czech Republic? Cesky Krumlov is a perfect fairytale, small town to travel to from Prague.

The first written record of Cesky Krumlov dates back to 1309 and at the time was sitting on the crossroads between the Czech, Austrian, Bavarian, and Northern Italian lands. The multiple cultures influenced the face(s) of the town and Castle which you can still see today!

Cesky Krumlov is the perfect town to visit even if you just have a day! It’s only a cheap couple hour bus ride or if you want to spend more money and take a private transfer it would take even less time. To maintain the historic character, the town has not had any major renovations since the 19th century and was put on the UNESCO World Heritage List in the early 90’s.

While I was in the Czech Republic, it was December so if you’re traveling to Cesky Krumlov wondering what there’s to do or see in the winter – there’s plenty! I stayed in an airbnb right across from the castle so it was only a couple minute walk into town. No matter what time of the year I’m sure Cesky Krumlov still looks like a fairytale town, but in December it seems to be magical. Christmas decorations and lights are through the town and sausage and Christmas punch perfume the air.


  1. Cesky Krumov Castle – During the winter the castle is closed on the inside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wander the castle grounds. By walking through the castle gate and courtyard you will eventually come across a beautiful panorama view of the town! If you keep walking across the bridge and up the hill, you can explore the Castle gardens as well.

2. Siroka & Dlouha Street & Seminarni zahrada – Just exploring the town, you’ll come across these beautiful fairytale streets and squares, but be sure not to miss them! Colored and adorned buildings line the cobblestone streets adding even more charm to this Czech town. I couldn’t get enough of them.

If you’re in Cesky Krumlov anytime between the end of November and New Years, you definitely should go to the Christmas Market! There’s live music, sausages on the open fire, plenty of punch (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and beautiful souvenirs you can bring home with you. While I was perusing the Christmas Market, the band started playing a very familiar song… while I was listening I realized it was John Denvers “Take Me Home, Country Roads” in Czech! It was SO COOL. I cannot express enough how much I loved Czech Republics Christmas Markets, especially the one here in Cesky Krumlov. It just felt so cozy and welcoming!


If you’re not going to Cesky Krumlov during the Christmas season – it’s okay, there’s more to eat than at the Christmas Markets!

One place that I ate at that my airbnb host recommended was Hospada 99. This restaurant is right inside the town entrance and is the “local spot”. Food was delicious and cheap which is always important to me.

I had a great time in Cesky Krumlov and hope you find it just as charming, romantic and fairytale like!

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