Daytrip in Capri

Capri is an island located in the Gulf of Naples near the coastline of Sorrento. It’s a great place to take a day trip and enjoy the beaches, take a lift up to Monte Solaro, or walk around town. I went on a day trip boat excursion leaving from Positano and arriving in Capri, but there are boats that leave throughout the day to go to Capri if you don’t want to do a boat excursion. If you’re not staying in Positano, there are also boats that leave from Naples and Sorrento.

As soon as you hop off the boat, I recommend grabbing a lemon sorbet or slushy, especially if its hot outside. The lemons in Capri are probably as big as your head – its unbelievable!

One thing I loved about Capri were the bougainvillea. I fell in love with these flowers in Positano, but the flowers in Capri are vibrant pink versus the purple in Positano and are absolutely stunning.

Giardini di Augusto

Whether your boat drops you off in Marina Piccola or Marina Grande, Giardini di Augusto (Augustus Gardens) is just a short walk away from the town. Not only does it offer a beautiful garden, but a great view of Via Krupp and the sea!

Villa Jovis

If you have time to stroll through Capri to Villa Jovis, I would recommend it. Villa Jovis is what is left of the Roman palace that Emperor Tiberius built and lived in up until his death in 37 AD. Crazy how things have managed to last this long! Apparently, the main reason Tiberius moved from Rome to Capri was he was worried he would be assassinated so he built Villa Jovis in a secluded and secure spot.

Since Villa Jovis is the second highest peak on the island (Monte Solaro in Anacapri is the tallest peak), you can see the edge of Sorrento, Naples, and Mount Vesuvius! Since its not a very popular spot, you can enjoy the ruins and the view almost all to yourself, which if you go in the summer, it’s welcomed.

If you have any favorites or awesome places that weren’t listed feel free to leave a comment!

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