The Best Food in Italy

I spent a month in Italy and out of all the things I ate in Italy, I can definitely pick my Top 5 Favorite Meals I had. If you’re traveling to any of these spots, here are the best foods to try:

  1. Bar Bruno in Positano – When you’re on the Amalfi coast, take the opportunity and eat seafood since it’s so fresh! I ate at a couple of places in Positano, but my absolute favorite meal was at Bar Bruno and I couldn’t stop eating it! Not only is the food delicious and budget friendly, but the views are beautiful. I chose the seafood gnocchi (potato dumplings) for my main dish and they were so light and airy- the best gnocchi I’ve had.
Antipasti: Greens with white fish and parm shavings, grilled octopus with tomatoes, salmon carpaccio, and marinated anchovy filets.
Meal: Seafood gnocchi with clams, mussels, tomatoes and eggplant.
VIew of Positano from the table

2. Agriturismo Marciano in Siena – This beautiful Tuscan farmhouse in Siena is everything you could ask for and more. I HIGHLY recommend staying here if you’ll be in Siena. Breakfast is included in your price, but if you want to eat dinner with the other guests than its about €40 a person (price in 2017). At first when I was told that price, I thought ehh I could go into town and eat someplace cheaper, but after thinking about it I thought I’ll stay here because of the convenience and I’m sure glad I did!! (I ended up eating there both nights of my stay). After being served the amount of food and wine, its definitely worth the forty euros!!! You’re served a total of 4 courses (antipasti, 1st course- primo, 2nd course- secondo, and dessert) with a different bottle of wine at each course! It’s great because after your bellies are full and you’re feeling tipsy you can wander back to your room, pass out and wake up the next morning for another day of adventure!

One of the breakfasts I woke up to.

3. Ristorante Pizzeria I’Daviddino in Florence – After wandering through the streets of Florence, I came across this small restaurant right by the Duomo! Normally I would say to steer clear of places to eat around a tourist attraction, but I looked at the menu before I sat down and the prices were reasonable. I ended up getting the Fettuccine al Peposo which is a peppered beef stew served with fettuccine noodles. Something I appreciate about central Italy is their knowledge of how to cook delicious meat. The beef was fall apart tender and packed with peppery flavor which is right up my alley. 

4. Hotel Mesdì in the Dolomites – Another great place I stayed at was in Arabba. If you’re on a budget this place is great because breakfast AND dinner are included in the price of your stay. Breakfast is all you can eat and you are served your choice of 4 courses at dinner. How it works is they give you a menu and you choose between two options of each course. There were some great choices and I had a hard time choosing between some of the meals, but all of the food I had was very good!!

Primo course: Cheese filled potato with cheese fondue and a hard boiled quail egg.
Dessert: Puff pastry with cream and strawberries.

5. Ristorante A Beccafico Arte in Venice – If you’re on a budget, this place isn’t the cheapest but the service and food are great. I went to this restaurant because my Airbnb host gave me their business card and wrote his name on it saying they’d take care of me. I figured I’d give it a shot and I’m glad I did. You have the option of sitting outside or inside and might even get lucky enough to get a table next to the canal! (Something special when you’re in Venice.) My waiter was very nice and I was served free bruscetta before my meal came out and they even gave me a small bottle of limoncello at the end of dinner. Needless to say I took as many shots as I could handle because it’s delicious and free?! 

These are also a few of my favorite things I came across:

  • Caffè Al Bicerin in Turin – This delicious hot coffee and chocolate drink is a must try in Turin!  
  • Marmalada Brioche – Brioche is the Italian word for croissant (which I thought was only a French thing until I ate them at almost every breakfast). My absolute favorite filling was marmalade and I had the BEST ones (I ended up ordering two they were THAT GOOD) at this small pastry shop in Piazza Corrubio near Basilica san Zeno Maggiore in Verona. 20170630_093105
  • Gelato – I feel like this is a given, but when you go to Italy you HAVE to try gelato- I ate it almost everyday!

Feel free to comment below with any favorite goodies in Italy! Happy eating! 

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